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  • Affordable services
  • Advanced techniques
  • Sterilisation maintain after every patient
  • Advanced instruments
  • Professional staff
  • Priority to hygiene safety
  • 24 hours’ service available in case of emergency
  • Team of super specialist Doctors

Why to choose Sadguru Dental Clinic?

Now a day’s patients have so many options available in and around their places and main expectation of patient is, they want result oriented, affordable treatment along with follow up done by doctors so they feel connected with doctor during and after completion of treatment. If your expectation is same as above then you are always welcome in our clinic. Dr. Suchita Pays attention to each and every patient personally, so it helps to pay attention to every patient.

Sadguru Dental Clinic is located in a very nature friendly place where there is least pollution no noise of vehicles and abandoned place for parking so that patient feels calm and comfortable during treatment. Staff of the clinic is also obedient and humble. All super specialist doctors do their work amazingly. Fees of treatments are also affordable without compromising quality of products. We having all high tech instruments and branded products and we explained to each patient about the technology to be used to their dental treatment.

All dental treatment perform in Sadguru Dental Clinic are painless. We do post treatment follow up and keep all records of every patients and send to patients pre-operative and post-operative images so that there is complete transparency in treatment performed in Sadguru Dental Clinic.

Sadguru Dental Clinic have received various award for their achievement in health and dental profession. For more information, you can just click on our website below and visit our clinic.



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