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What is a Dental Prosthetic?

Prosthetic  dentistry includes replacement of single missing tooth, multiple missing tooth or all missing tooth. It enhance your smile as it replace your missing tooth.

It includes

  1. Dentures

It includes replacement of single or multiples or all missing teeth. It improves your chewing habit along with aesthetic. It includes two types

  1. Fixed partial denture

Includes:  Implant supported prosthesis

  1. Removable partial denture.


  1. Crown & Bridges

Single tooth capping or multiple tooth bridge are part of prosthetic dentistry

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Dental Crown & Bridge is the most trending procedure in replacing missing tooth.

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Meaning of Crown & Bridges ?

Crown is the prosthetic part that encircle damage tooth and which strengthen the tooth structure
Types of Crown

All Metal Crown

They are made up of mainly gold or silver alloy now a days silver metal Crown is mostly used  but aesthetically  not good.


  1. Less crown cutting required
  2. They are cheaper in price
  3. They have max strength & durability


  1. They are non-aesthetic
  2. Holes occur on occlusal surface which causes secondary tooth decay
  3. Porcelain fused to metal(PFM)

They are made up of mainly porcelain & metal. Outer layer is made of porcelain which is bonded to inner layer metal.


They are of two types
  1. Conventional type
  2. CAD CAM[computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing softwear]


  1. Arstheticaly it is good.
  2. They are cheaper in price
  3. Cheaper than full ceramic crown
  4. These crown also come with warranty card ranging from 5 to 15 years warranty
  5. As it contains metal also it gives good strength.


Disadvantages contains two layers so required more crown cutting

b.chipping off of upper  layer of ceramic after few years

c.after gum recession bluish black line may seen which looks ugly.


All ceramic crown

Latest version of crown is full ceramic crown.This is most commonly indicated in anterior teeth where aesthetic is more concern.


Two types of crown

1.Zirconia crown

2.E max crown


Zirconia crown


  1. Aesthetic wise it is best i.e. tooth appear natural
  2. High strength
  3. Biocompatible
  4. Can be use in case of MRI as it is metal free
  5. High strength




b.required more crown cutting.

c.non repairable


Emax crown

EMAX crown more transluscent than zirconia crown so they give more natural appereance.

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