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Digital X-Ray

We provide digital x-ray technology to our patients for that reason we are using Vaterch(a World-class x-ray machine). Digital Radiography system allows doctor & patient to instantly view images on a computer, Ipad, or TV screen.

Digital x-ay machine is safer than traditional x-ray as it is used less radiation. It also helps accurate diagnosis and treatment planning as it gives improved image quality

Advanced root canal treatment

We are using root 2x mini apex locator which is a top-most brand in the world along with that we are using endomotor of Dentsply company. This both machinery helps in accurate, painless and instant root canal treatment so patient are very much comfortable while doing root canal treatment


Four-step of sterilization differentiate Sadguru Dental Clinic From other dental clinics in this era of a pandemic. A rigorous four step sterilization process followed after every patient to ensure 100% sterilization of instruments and complete destruction of all viruses and spores including covid-19 viruses in this covid pandemic era, we check the oxygen saturation and temperature of every patient and we do fumigation of the entire clinic after every patient after sterilization of instruments, instruments scaled in pouches so that we are doing best related to asepsis

Step 1
After treatment done instruments were dipped in disinfectant solution for 30 min so that surface bacteria gets killed then instruments scrubbed and cleaned under running water.

Step 2
In the second step instruments cleaned in a boiling water chamber then dried and packed in separate scaled pouches.

Step 3
Sterilization in autoclave up to done at 135 degree to ensure 100 percent sterilization.

Step 4
Then instruments stored in UV light storage cabinets

Best curing light

While doing tooth colored filling material a\we are using world-class NMC blue phase curing light.

Intraoral camera

The most advanced and latest technique in dentistry is the Intraoral camera. We provide this service to our patients. The intraoral camera captures and displays of patients teeth intraoral cavity on a tv screen when a patient is on a chair. It helps to educate and make a patient understand what is cavity are teeth-related problems in their mouth oral cavity.

Intraoral cameras have the ability to save the pictures so that we can show pre-operative and post-operative photos to patients and also these photos can be used for documentation also. It also helps to send photos to the patient if they claim for insurance.

Digital record of every patient

We keep digital records along with a manual record of each and every patient. So, if a patient comes to visit even after the year log span then also we have a complete record of patient

Sanitization after every patient

As we know patient gets scared to visit a doctor to avoid covid cross-contamination. By keeping all things in my mind we are doing 4 step sterilization along with fumigation and sanitization after every patient we check oxygen saturation and temperature of every patient
And one most important thing patients notice in our clinic is after the sterilization of instruments; instruments scaled in pouches and separate pouches are used for each and every patient

Wifi facility

We provide wifi facility to our patients so they won’t get bored in waiting room

Post treatment follow up

We are very much careful regarding our patient treatment. We keep post-treatment follow-up of each and every patient to check out whether everything going well after dental treatment or is there any discomfort or any dental-related issue. Patients are also very happy as we are concerned about them.

Modern dental chair unit

We Sadguru Dental Clinic has a modern dental chair unit so that patients are very much comfortable while doing dental treatment and surgeries.
Patients don’t need to get down of chair while taking x-ray or screening on an Intraoral camera

24 hours facility in case of emergency

Our clinic provides 24 hours facility in case of the emergency dental-related problem So, it’s very soothing to a patient as they don’t need to beer night pain in case of emergency